A Proven Record Protecting San Diego

On The Issues

Preventing Gun Violence

  • Launched the landmark Gun Violence Restraining Order program to take firearms away from dangerous people
  • Removed over 400 guns and 80,000 rounds of ammo from people who pose a threat
  • Took on the NRA to pass Safe Storage of Firearms Ordinance to prevent child gun deaths

Fighting for Victims of Abuse

  • Expanded the Family Justice Center to strengthen support for domestic violence and sex-trafficking victims
  • Hired more Domestic Violence Prosecutors to hold abusers accountable
  • Fighting to test every Rape Kit

Holding Big Corporations Accountable

  • Suing the Opioid Industry for profiting off people’s pain
  • Forced Lead Paint Companies to pay millions to clean up their toxic mess
  • Filed Criminal Charges against slumlords preying on the poor and elderly

Standing Up for Our Values

  • Joined lawsuits against Trump to Defend DREAMers, Protect Transgender Rights
  • San Diego’s strong voice to file suit against Trump’s Muslim Ban
  • Joined 11 progressive California prosecutors to oppose ICE arrests at courthouses

Smart Justice

  • Expunging thousands of convictions for violations that are no longer crimes
  • Fighting for Independent Legal Counsel for the Community Review Board
  • Launched Criminal Justice Diversion programs to put treatment before incarceration and end the homeless-prison pipeline

Protecting The Environment

  • Forced corporate polluters to pay millions to Clean Up the Bay
  • Led the biggest ivory bust in California history to protect endangered species
  • Prosecuted poachers and illegal dumping to Protect Our Coast and Clean Water

Protecting Taxpayers

  • Protected taxpayer dollars from special interests looking to enrich themselves at our expense
  • Beating back frivolous lawsuits that impede the Pure Water Project, which will create a sustainable new water source for the San Diego region
  • Saved money needed for critical city programs, like reducing homelessness, protecting water quality, and improving neighborhood infrastructure
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